Monday, July 27, 2009

Share: Fran Hauser answers more questions!

Fran Hauser graciously volunteered to answer a few questions after speaking at the Leadership Breakfast Series in June. The following are Fran's answers to two questions posted by our blog readers.

Q. As a woman with an impressive job who has climbed the career ladder to a spot that many of us aspire to reach someday, what do you see as your next steps? What are the next set of goals you'd like to achieve, either for yourself personally and/or your career?

A. I would like to run my own business one day. I think that would be an incredible next step in my career (although, I don't think I am quite there yet). I am still enjoying my current role too much. On the personal side of things, I would love to start a family.

Q. While managing 150 people at age 27 at Coca Cola, you obviously grasped some key principles of management at a young age. What are key pieces of advice for: 1) first-time managers and 2) young managers whosupervise older colleagues?

A. Key pieces of advice for first-time managers: learning how to delegate doesn't mean totally letting go (you still need to stay close enough to the situation to be aware of when you need to get involved). Remember that different people are motivated by different things (someby money, some by public recognition, some by being given exposure to senior management, etc..) so you need to adapt your style. Always take a step backand and revisit what success looks like for the business and/or for a specific project. Be specific with what your expectations are (especially with junior staff) sometimes to the point of working with them to sketch out a template of what the final product/presentation should look like.

Key pieces of advice for young managers who supervise older colleagues: identify what the older colleagues' strengths are that complement your "gaps" and let them know that you are really going to be relying on them for that. Do a lot of listening (make it clear that you respect their experience and their opinions) and earn their respect by delivering results.

Special thanks to Fran Hauser & Cheryl Darmanin.