Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gina Garrubbo, EVP at BlogHer, Speaks to AWNY’s Mentoring Community

On August 18th, the AWNY Mentoring Community met for breakfast at Yahoo! Chair of the AWNY Mentoring Committee and President of TRY Coaching, Terry Yoffe, gave the opening words and introduced our special guest, Gina Garrubbo, EVP at BlogHer. Committee member, Cheryl Darmanin, Senior Director of Account Management at Yahoo! prompted Gina with questions about how mentoring has shaped her successful career.

Gina spoke of two different types of mentors. The kind that supports you in the traditional sense and the kind that pushes you to your limits through tough love. Both have played a significant role in how Gina approaches both corporate life and motherhood. One of her biggest suggestions to finding happiness as you climb the corporate ladder was to choose your bosses carefully by always working for people who share your values. She also told the group about the importance of involving your children in your work life by showing them what your work is all about and sometimes even having them visit the office.

As described on Blogher.com, since 2005, BlogHer's mission has been "to create opportunities for women who blog to gain exposure, education, community and economic empowerment." In a recent article in Ad Age about the record-breaking BlogHer 2010 Convention, Gina was quoted saying, "[The BlogHer woman] wants to know what's happening. [Marketers] have to give her greater value, they have to be authentic, and they have to listen to her. If the brand brings something of value to this woman, she will love that brand and advocate for that brand -- in her words, in her way."

Thank you Gina Garrubbo for the gift of your time and advice. Keep up the excellent work at BlogHer!

*For more information on being a member of AWNY and participating in the 2011 Mentoring Program, visit AWNY.org or call the offices at 212-221-7969.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Save the Date for the AWNY Mentoring Program Leadership Breakfast on August 18th by Vicky Sullivan

AWNY’s mentoring program is all about celebrating today’s industry leaders while cultivating the leaders of tomorrow. For this reason, we have selected one of the most ground-breaking women in the communications industry to address our mentoring community at our upcoming breakfast at Yahoo! on Wednesday August 18th. Gina Garrubbo, fellow AWNY member and Executive Vice President of BlogHer, Inc, the largest community of women who blog, with a publishing network of 2,500 blogs and a reach of 21 million unique visitors per month, will be speaking about her professional philosophy and how it relates to mentoring.

This is an excellent opportunity to hear one woman’s story about how mentoring helped her become an innovative and influential women in the industry. You will also have the chance to exchange ideas and experiences with other mentors and mentees within AWNY’s growing mentoring community. Hope to see you there.

*Please note that this event is open only to AWNY members actively participating in the mentoring program. If you are interested in joining AWNY and being a part of the 2011 mentoring program please visit http://www.awny.org/