Thursday, March 26, 2009

Learn: Leadership Lessons from a Philanthropist

In the March 2009 issue of The McKinsey Quarterly, Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO of Acumen Fund, shares leadership lessons from her experience in venture philanthropy in Africa. The video is embedded above - you can also view the transcript of her interview here:
Key leadership lessons from Jacqueline include:
  • "I had to learn to have the humility myself to really listen to their perspectives, and yet not stop there; to have the audaciousness to say, “It’s a good starting point, but we want to get you to this other place.”
  • "The real lesson for me was how that dignity is so much more important to the human spirit than wealth"
  • "[...] leadership as a way of inspiring, listening, and letting people [...] grow themselves in their own way.
  • "I’m a big optimist. I really believe in setting impossible goals and then making them possible."

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