Sunday, January 3, 2010

Welcome to the 2010 AWNY Mentoring Program Community by Terry Yoffe, Mentoring Program Chair

And what a year 2010 promises to be. This year we have paired 113 mentees and 113 mentors, the most paired since the mentoring program began 13 years ago.

When we started this program no one ever dreamed that it would have evolved into what it is today. The numbers speak for themselves which is a true testament to AWNY, its members and the dedication of those people that help create the best program ever year in and year out.

Each year the mentoring committee looks back and assesses what we did well and where we can improve and then we go to work, making it happen. Two years ago we created our AWNY mentoring blog because we felt that there was a need for community within our program and what better way to bring mentees and mentors together than through a blog. We have been perfecting it each year and in the coming year we will have many wonderful stories, suggestions, resources and information to share with you.

This year we have changed our application forms, making it easier for both mentees and mentors to be more specific about who they would like to be paired with. And this year we are offering Reverse Mentoring to those that would like to share knowledge; a young professional sharing the newest and latest technology information with a more senior professional.
And even our Kick Off breakfast on Tuesday, February 2nd will have a different format than past years. This year we are going to separate the mentees and mentors and have a Q&A for each group so that mentees can get better acquainted with the program and the mentors can learn more about their roles.

Yes, 2010 is promising to be a championship year for the AWNY Mentoring Program because each of you has made it happen with your continued support of our community and each year we are reaching new heights.

On behalf of the entire Mentoring Committee and Program I want to say THANK YOU for reaching out and giving of your expertise, experience, time and energy, whether you are a mentee or mentor, to truly making a difference.

In closing, I will remind you of our tag line: LEARN, SHARE, GROW and that is what I hope for each of you this coming year.

With Appreciation and Gratitude,

Terry Yoffe & the Entire Mentoring Committee

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